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June 16, 2009
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Crazy Eights by Linake Crazy Eights by Linake
♪ Ding-dong, the freakshow's done...! ♫ :sing:
(*to the tune of "ding, dong, the witch is dead" from Wizard of Oz.....or whatever the song's called. I don't really care.*)

Haha. Don't get me wrong-- Szayel was one of the most fun drawings I've done in a while! :D His friggin' background was a whole 'nother story, though... ¬¬;

(rest of the description is mostly just copied from the WIP descrip.)

Yeah. ^^; I always seem to get particularly fascinated with a character after someone mentions to me the idea of cosplaying as them.
.....It scares me how fascinated I am with cosplaying Szayel-Aporro, though. O_o; Even about 2 years away from the cosplay and I'm already super-jazzed about it to the point that I'm creeping out a few of my friends. oO; *lol*
(plus, the only way in Hell they could talk me into wearing a Pepto-Bismol-pink wig was with the promise that I get to be insanely creepy. :plotting: )

Anyway, back to the pic. =p
I worked my butt off on his coloring and getting all the tiny details right. XD I looked at many a screencap/illustration, most of his episodes, and even listened to his "Bleach Beat" songs for inspiration.
I'd say it worked. ^^ Looks like I may have another weird little muse. XD

The title --which I blame Kim & Ramia for the recent card game inspiration-- is because of his rank in the Espada and...well....he's kinda nuts. :3 But in a fun way.

But yeah. For those not familiar with Bleach, he's Szayel-Aporro Grantz, basically a mad-scientist, and he's the #8 Espada. (The top 10 of the Arrancar are called "Espada".) So, he's crazy, and 8th rank. :D *LOLSTUPIDPUN*
When he releases his sword (called "Fornicaras", and yes, it means exactly what you think it means), he basically turns into a big tentacly-butterfly thing, like on the right half of the pic.
(Yes, I know this isn't how he releases his sword, but I'm NOT drawing him shoving his sword down his throat. ><; God, the guy's weird enough, let's just leave it at that, OKAY??)

Those two things in the background are two of his fraccion (subordinates, basically, and snacks in Szayel's case. XD), who I affectionately refer to as the "beachball things" since they're so round and bounce around a lot. XP Apparently, the one with the single ponytail (front) is named Verona, and Lumina is the one with pigtails (rear). They're each carrying two of his little voodoo-doll plushies. Lumina is holding up dolls of Uryuu and Mayuri, while Verona has Renji and..... hm...what's that other one?

Character: ©Tite Kubo
Art: ~Linake
Media: 11x14 bristol board, Prismacolor pencils, Micron pens for outlines, and a touch of acrylic paint.
Time: ...about 3 weeks? :shrug:

:iconszayelplz: = :iconsmartyplz:
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Lionsong Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconszayelplz::iconsaysplz: Your amazing rendition of me has been featured here: [link] Please do favorite the article if you enjoy it.
My new favorite card game.
VaguelyCreepy May 11, 2011  Student General Artist
Frankly, that guy was a total dick. Maybe not quite bad enough to completely deserve the particular ending he got, but I'm still glad he's gone. Your picture is excellent, though.

Ooh, ooh! You should make those Uryu and Renji (did I spell those right?) dolls to carry around with you. If you really wanted to go all out, you could even make them hollow and fill them up with those tiny organ pieces made out of clay or something. Maybe styrofoam or sandstone... Something really crumbly.
Linake Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^^
i love your art^^
do you do requests or art trades?? :3
Linake Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks! ^^ :hug:

Eh, not really. ^^; Sorry! I'm a college student, so I'm usually too busy to do requests or trades....I do do commissions, though, and I also take recommendations for art ideas. :) Kinda like my recent pic of Uki with the Sogyo no Kotowari twins, with a recommendation, there's no guarantee that I can do it, but if I like the idea I'll try it when I have time. ^^;
sadly lookin for someone to draw my oc sadako with szayel...
Linake Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really do OC art anyway, sorry about that! (It's so hard to draw other peoples' OCs....Half the time, they don't have actual images of them --just a description-- so it's tough to try to guess how they look. ^^; Plus, I never know how to show their personality traits in a picture...)

Sorry, though! Hope you find someone who can do it for ya! :)
well i have pics of her...her expression is similiar to szayels^^
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